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Drop Shipping - Home Delivery

During these unprecedented times to help support you our customers and the survival of our business we will be offering local home deliveries for orders over £10 (£3 Delivery Charge)

Please email you enquiries to Mark via the link below to check stock availability and arrange Payment.

...........Please note we can only deliver to ground floor properties.

Also many of our suppliers will be offering direct shipment to your homes.


This means you can have items delivered directly to your door 

in the safest possible way.


Suppliers currently involved in this scheme who can offer direct shipment include ……………


Draper Tools Quality Hand and Power tools

Centurion Hardware – Vast range of  DIY, Hardware, Gardening Products and more

Moorelarge - Bicycles including Parts and Accessories 

Minisun - Large range of Lighting and Lightbulbs




Just follow these simple steps and have products delivered direct to your door



Thank you for supporting us


Best Wishes


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stars Great store. Friendly, helpful, knowledgeable staff. The shop looks small, but the have a huge variety of products from bicycles, tools, plumbing, light bulbs, et cetera. I needed help with a DIY faucet replacement and they gave me advice, answered my many questions, helped me solve problems I encountered, and found the right products for me.


stars Friendly expert service with a great selection of piping, cabling, general fixtures/fittings and basic tools.

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