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Tyre & Tube Set - 2x Duro Raider 26x1.95 Tyre + 2x S/V Tubes


2x 26" x 1.95" (54-559) Duro Raider Mountain bike tyres

Arrow block tread design allows for excellent grip across a variety of terrain.
Fits standard 26" mountain bike rims, regardless of previous tyre size.

Plus 2x 26" x 1.95" (54-559) Inner Tubes with Schrader (Car Type) Valve

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stars They do seem to stock everything here, and if you're after something basic like screws, mouse traps etc, their good. However, the shopkeeper doesn't seem to know much ABOUT what he sells - so best to check it is what you need before buying.


stars Always helpful, stock a lot of handy items

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