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GT85 Multi Purpose Lubricant 400ml Spray Can


GT85 Multi Purpose Lubricant 400ml Spray Can

Non-sticky lubricant, effective penetrator, water displacer & rustproofer with PTFE. Soon after the launch of GT-85, supplies were being snapped up by MOD workshops. The aircraft and helicopter industry was soon to follow as word rapidly spread about the new cleaning and lubricant spray with outstanding properties, which could benefit all types of machinery or equipment without leaving a sticky residue. It was not long before the car, motor racing and cycling fraternities latched on to the usefulness of this new product, which cleaned, protected and lubricated. Gt85 is now the choice of professional and amateurs alike, at home and overseas. GT-85 has received a Department of Trade and Industry award for export achievement. Major users include: Virgin Airlines, BT, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Plessey, Ministry of Defence, Sunseeker International. The list above represent a small selection of major companies who recognise that GT85 is an outstanding product.

400ml Aerosol

Water Displacer n Rust Proofer
Won’t Drip Off
Electrically Safe
Deep Penetrating Action
Longer Lasting than Others
Metal and Plastic Finisher
Universal Maintenance Uses
Harness the Strength of PTFE

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