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Draper 83652 140W 230v Multi Tool With Flexible Drive Shaft


Storm Force® multi-tool kit fitted with a 135W variable speed motor.
Supplied with a handy flexible drive shaft, perfect for use in hard to get at areas or for delicate work.
The ergonomic soft-grip handle delivers user comfort, even when used for prolong periods.
Suitable for drilling, milling, grinding, polishing, engraving, cutting and many other tasks around the home or workshop.
Supplied a host of accessories all stored in a sturdy carrying case.


    25 x cut off wheels, 
    16 x sanding drums, 
    10 x polishing discs, 
    10 x sanding discs, 
    10 x grinding points (80grit), 
    5 x small felt polishing wheels, 
    5 x large felt polishing wheels, 
    3 x diamond grinding points, 
    3 x HSS drill bits, 
    3 x collet sizes; 2.0, 2.4, 3.0mm, 
    1 x whetstone, 
    1 x brass wheel, 
    1 x nylon brush, 
    1 x disc holder, 
    1 x polishing wheel holder, 
    1 x bristle brush, 
    1 x small drum holder, 
    1 x large drum holder, 
    1 x flexible drive shaft, 
    1 x collet spanner with plain slot screwdriver.

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stars Smith and Low have been here for eternity, and always have the thing that nobody else stocks. Great shop with very helpful and knowledgeable staff. Don't know what I do if they ever closed, which I hope they never do.


stars Probably the best hardware shop in Oxford. Excellent knowledge, range of items. Usually cheaper that the sheds.

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