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  • Indesit Compatible Washing Machine Carbon Brush Set Pack Of 2 to fit Ariston, Creda, Hotpoint, Indesit, New World and Philco models: A1124UK,   A1234UK,   A1324UK,   A1435SUK,   A1435UK,   A1535UK,   A1635,   A1635UK,   AB1030CUK,   AB1036TUK,   AB1036UK,   AB1240CUK,   AB836UK,   AB930CUK,   AB936UK,   AD10UK,   AD12DSGUK,   AD12UK,   AD1600UK,   AF1083T/1UK,   AF1083TUK,   AIB12UK,   AIB14UK,   AIB16UK,   AL1046TUK,   AL10UK,   AL1250CTUK,   AL1250CUK,   AL128XBE,   AL12SUK,   AL12UK,   AL1456TUK,   AL14UK,   AL9UK,   ALD10UK,   ALD12SUK,   ALD12UK,   AWD10UK,   AWD1200UK,   AWD12SUK,   AWD12UK,   CD12TUK,   CDE12XUK,   LB12TUK,   LBE12XUK,   S1000UK,   S1200AUK,   S1200UK,   S800UK,   SWD1000UK,   WE10UK,   WE11UK,   WG1030G,   WG1033TG,   WG1034TG,   WG1130TG,   WG1230G,   WG1233TG,   WG1234TG,   WG820G,   WG830TG,   WG833G,   WG924G,   WN1072WR, IWD12,   IWM12, BWD12,   BWM12, W101UK,   W101UK/A,   W101UK/B,   W103UK/A,   W103UK/A,   W103UK/B,   W103UKBG,   W113UK/A,   W113UK/A,   W113UK/B,   W123SUK,   W123UK,   W123UK(BG)/M,   W123UK(BG)/P,   W133SUK,   W133UK,   W161UK,   W83UK,   W93UK/A,   W93UK/A,   W93UK/B,   WA105UK,   WA115UK,   WA125UK,   WA135UK,   WA155UK,   WAX120UK/M,   WAX120UK/P,   WD10UK,   WD11UK,   WD12SUK,   WD12UK,   WD12XUK,   WD14UK,   WDE12UK,   WDG1095GH(G),   WDG1095GHG,   WDG1095W,   WDG1095WG,   WDG1195WG/1,   WDG1295WG,   WDG985BG,   WDG985WG,   WDS1000UK,   WE10UK,   WE11UK,   WE12SUK,   WE12UK,   WE13UK,   WE14SUK,   WE14UK,   WE16SUK,   WE16UK,   WG1030G,   WG1030GT,   WG1030PG,   WG1033TG,   WG1033TGT,   WG1033TPG,   WG1034TG,   WG1034TGT,   WG1034TPG,   WG1085WG,   WG1086G,   WG1130DUK,   WG1130TG,   WG1130TGT,   WG1130TPG,   WG113DUK,   WG1185WG/1,   WG1185WG1,   WG1230(GF)G,   WG1230G,   WG1230GFG,   WG1230TGFG,   WG1233TG,   WG1234TG,   WG1239TSG,   WG1286G,   WG1286SG,   WG12G,   WG1385WG,   WG1386W(G),   WG1386WG,   WG1436T(G),   WG1436TG,   WG2020WG,   WG820G,   WG820PG,   WG830TG,   WG830TPG,   WG833G,   WG833PG,   WG920PG,   WG924G,   WG924PG,   WG9G,   WG9P(G),   WG9PG,   WI101UK,   WI121UK,   WI141UK,   WM12XUK,   WMS1200TXUK,   WN1060WG,   WN1060WG/2,   WN1060WG/2,   WN1072WR/2,   WN1072WR2, 016625,   HLE19002BR,   HLE19003WH,   SG12TXUK,   SGE12XUK(NW), B1053XUK,   B1253XUK,   N1042XUK,   N1242XUK.

  • This part is equivalent to genuine Indesit: C00047317, HPTC00047317

Hook 1


stars Fixed my bike for no charge. Quick and efficient, lovely staff.","processed":"Fixed my bike for no charge. Quick and efficient, lovely staff.


stars Smith & Low is an important local business as there are not many like this left. The staff are really friendly, there is always the stock that I need and it is an easy shopping experience. I often have DIY problems and can rest assured that they will have the best advice and correct bits I need.

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