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Byron Sentry BY301 100m Extra Loud Wireless Door Chime Kit with Strobe


The Byron Sentry BY301 100m portable chime kit with 8 sounds &

flashing strobe light is ideal for a noisy home!

The portability of the chime unit enables you to place it anywhere around the home whilst the

optional strobe alert light means you know when someones at the door

even if you can't hear it.

This kit has a 1year guarantee as well as a memory function so that once installed it will never have to be

re-learnt even if the batteries are replaced.

Chime unit supports up to 6 pushes.

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stars Great Hardware shop, very helpful knowledgeable staff. They have a lot of different stock lines and are really good on their prices. We need to keep these little independents as they are great for the community as well. I use them as much as I can whenever I'm in town. Best shop in the galaxy! May the force be with you.


stars Fixed my bike for no charge. Quick and efficient, lovely staff.","processed":"Fixed my bike for no charge. Quick and efficient, lovely staff.

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