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107-111 Hollow Way, Cowley, Oxford OX4 2NE

Beko 462900010 Fan Oven Element


  1800W fan oven element 

Height 225mm Width 205mm Bracket 70mm Tags 25mm 1800w

Belling Cooker & Oven

313 WH, 313 GR, 332ÝNG, 332 GR, 316 WH, 316 GR, 317WH, 317 GR, 317AN, 317SI, 342 WH, 342 GR, 356WH, 333 WH, 333 GR, 333 MK2 WH, 333 MK2 GR, 334WH, 334 AN, 334SI, 350 WH, 336 50CM ELECTRIC COOKER, 350 GR, 351 WH, 351 SI, 351 MK 2 AN, 350 MK2 WH, 350 WH, D 852 WH, D 852 MK2WH, D 852 GR, D 852 MK2 GR, D 852 SI, D 852 MK2 SI, 924AN, 924SI, 924 GR, 924 WH, 924CH, 100DFANT Farmhouse Range Cooker, 100DFSIL Farmhouse Range Cooker

Beko Cooker & Oven

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Blomberg Cooker & Oven


Euromaid Cooker & Oven


Flavel Cooker & Oven

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Lamona Cooker & Oven

HJA5093, HJA5100, HJA5110, LAM5100, HAP5002, HAP5003, HAP5001, HAP5000

Leisure Cooker & Oven

Roma 20 SI, RM5PVS, RM5CVW Roma 50, RM5CVS Roma 50, RM5CVK, RM5CVSV Roma 50CM, ZE5HVW Zenith 50, ZE5HVS Zenith 50, LEVC54W 50CM Ceramic, LEVC54K 50CM Ceramic, ZE5HVK Zenith 50, LEVC54S, LEVC54X, EBS6MEX, EBS6MDX, CM10FRK Cookmaster 100 DF, CMT100FRCP 100CM TRAD, CMT100FRKP 100CM TRAD, CMT102FRKP Cookmaster, CM105FRRP Cookmaster DF, CMT105FRRP Cookmaster DF, CM105FRNP, CM105FRWP, CM10FRC Cookmaster 100 DF, CMT105FRWP, CM101CRR, CM105FRBP, FNT101FRKP, CM10 BRC, CM10BRK COOKMAST 100 DF, CM10FRKP Cookmaster 100 DF, CM101FRK 100CM DF RANGE Cookmaster, CM101FRKP Cookmaster DF, CM10FRCP Cookmaster 100 DF, CM101FRCP Cookmaster DF, CM10 FRKP, ACM10FRK Cookmaster, ACM10FRC Cookmaster, RM10FRS Roma 100CM DF, RM10 BRS, RCMT102FRXP, CMT102FRCP, DC10FRXP, RM10FRK Roma 100CM DF, RM10FRKP Roma 100CM DF, RCM10FRK 100CM DF RANGE CUISINEMASTER, RCM10FRKP Cuisine MasterR, RCM10FRXP CUIMSR, RCMT102FRKP, RM10FRSP Roma 100 DF, NP10FRS, RCM10FRSP Cuisine Master, EB10FRX, EB10FRXP, ARM10FRS Roma, RM10CRS LEIS Roma 100, ML10CRS, DC10CRX, ZE10CRA LEIS Zenith 100, RM10CRK LEIS Roma, RCM10CRK CUIMSR, 100EAN, RCM10CRX, RCM10CRS Cuisine Master, 100 E SI, EB10CRX, ZE10FRA LEIS Zenith 100 DF, CK90F232K 90CM Cookmaster DF, CK90F232C 90CM Cookmaster DF, CK90F232R 90CM Cookmaster DF, CK90F232S 90CM Cookmaster DF, CK90F232B 90CM Cookmaster DF, CK90G232C 90CM Cookmaster, CK90G232K 90CM CookmasterER, CS90F530K 90CM Cuisine Master DF, CS90F530X 90CM Cuisine Master DF, CS90C530X 90CM Cuisine Master, CS90C530K 90CM CUISMSR, CK90C230C 90CM Cookmaster, CK90C230K Cookmaster Ceramic, CK90C230S 90CM Cookmaster, AL90F230B 90cm Ala Carte DF, AL90F230K 90cm Ala Carte DF, ZES6EMA, EBS6FX, EBS6MX, LFS6MX, LFS6RX, LFS6RPX, AL6CDW, RMS6EMK Roma, AL6FDW, CMCE96S, CMCE96K, CMTE95K, CMCE93K, CMCF99RP, CMTF99N, CMTF99W, CMTF99K, CMTF99R, CMCF99B, CMCF99W, CMCF99C, CMCF99K, CMCF99X, CMTF95K, CMTF94K, CMTF99B, CMTE95C, CMTE94K, CMCE96X, CMCF96X, CMCF96S, CMTF94C, DD CMTE94C, CMCF96K, CMTF95C, CMCF93K, CM09X, CM09C, CMTG95K, CMTG95C

New World Cooker & Oven


Stoves Cooker & Oven


Bin 51


stars Proper service. Nice staff. Good advice on products.


stars Shops like these are very hard to come by these days. A family business that has everything, service is outstanding & we need to support these what I call "Fork Handles" shops they are vital to the community.

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