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AGM12-14 Exide Motorcycle Battery


Exide AGM offers impressive reliability and lifespan, easily withstanding cold winters and other harsh conditions. The battery is completely maintenance free, only requiring initial acid filling to get you started. It features AGM technology, and is ideal for the majority of applications, including high-end scooters.

Sealed Replacement for EB14L-A2, YB14L-A2,12N14-3A

  •  1 Year Guarantee 
  •  Available Fully Charged If Required - Please Advise
  •  High Starting Performance 
  •  AGM Technology

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stars Smith & Low is an important local business as there are not many like this left. The staff are really friendly, there is always the stock that I need and it is an easy shopping experience. I often have DIY problems and can rest assured that they will have the best advice and correct bits I need.


stars How we say in Poland, it's "a shop with everything" :) Sklep ze wszystkim, POLECAM :)

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