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Abru Galvanised Rotary Drier 45m 4 Arm 35mm Pole


A rotary drier designed for the best performance to dry your washing. It features 2 line tension to avoid sagging, wide spaced inner lines for increased circulation and double outer lines for heavier washing. It's extremely simple to set up this galvanised steel product, using the comfortable hand grip and easy to raise arms which clip into an upright position. This product has three size variations to suit your drying needs.

Drying area: 45m

Arms: 4

Turning Circle: 2.68m

Supplied with plastic ground socket

Galvanised ground socket/spike available separately


stars Fantastic; I needed a washer for a modern bath pop-up waste plug.. Visited 3 or 4 plumbers merchants without success, they could only offer me a full new bath waste kit which would need a plumber to fit! Smith and Low had the item to hand. The price was probably 50% of online price[hint: Smith and Low you can easily charge £2.99 for almost anything.. I owe you] It was the correct little rubber washer, and was fitted in 3 minutes.. After minor adjustment of pop-up movement, the bath is no longer leaking.. Thank you.


stars Great Hardware shop, very helpful knowledgeable staff. They have a lot of different stock lines and are really good on their prices. We need to keep these little independents as they are great for the community as well. I use them as much as I can whenever I'm in town. Best shop in the galaxy! May the force be with you.

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